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Our sauna oasis in Gerlos

Hot, hotter, sauna fun!

Do you long for soothing warmth that loosens your muscles and offers relaxation? A warmth that spreads deep inside you and fills you to the tips of your fingers and toes? Then we recommend a sauna session in our herbal sauna, Finnish sauna, and infrared cabin.

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Our sauna oasis in Gerlos • Der Grubacher: Eco Hotel in Tyrol

Scent experience in the herbal sauna

Our herbal sauna has a lower temperature (about 60°C) than the Finnish sauna and is therefore gentler. This makes it ideal for beginners, younger sauna-goers, or people with circulation problems.

Take in the fragrant scents of camomile, eucalyptus, mint, and lemon and feel their calming effect. They also have a positive effect on breathing and skin as well as stimulating the metabolism. A visit to the herbal sauna is a soothing experience, especially for colds and in winter.

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Our sauna oasis in Gerlos • Der Grubacher: Eco Hotel in Tyrol

Good for the immune system, good for you: the Finnish sauna

A visit to our Finnish sauna is particularly good for purification and strengthening the immune system. It’s equipped with fir and spruce wood and awaits you with dry air at approximately 80 to 100°C.

A sauna session not only strengthens the immune system, but also slows down skin ageing, stimulates the metabolism, and relaxes the muscles. Try it and feel the beneficial effect of dry heat! Afterwards, you can regenerate in our relaxation room.

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