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Your hosts

Hoteliers with a passion

And we mean it! When Bernhard leaves the house early in the morning to look after our animals, a smile immediately appears on his face. He loves feeding our pigs, cows, sheep, turkeys, and chickens as well as ensuring their welfare. He likes to take as much time as possible with our animals and doesn’t leave the barn until all two- and four-legged friends are well taken care of and satisfied.

He’s always had a good rapport with animals and always ensures they have everything that they need. The hay that the animals are fed comes from our own pastures in Zillertal so the transport distance of the feed is very short – and we are happy to be able to contribute to a sustainable lifestyle.

When it’s time for the slaughtering, Bernhard does it himself so you can be sure that the meat served on the evening menu comes from happy and healthy animals. Speaking of which, when Bernhard isn’t taking care of the animals, he’s wielding the wooden spoon in the kitchen and preparing your tasty treats. He’s a real all-rounder, right?

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Gina is the soul of Grubacher who takes care of her guests with real dedication whether she’s at the reception and restaurant or in the rooms (or really anywhere!). Whenever you have a request or question, Gina will be there for you.

She can give you hiking suggestions, make you laugh with her Tyrolean humour, and answer any questions you may have about the hotel or your stay. In other words, she is your number one go-to person. She also looks after her two daughters, Emely and Chiara. So you see, a family atmosphere awaits you from the very first moment of your holiday at Grubacher.

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Emely and Chiara help us to understand what children really need and what is important to them each and every day. They keep us on our toes and show us the world through a child’s eyes. They love helping their dad, Bernhard, look after the animals but they also love spending quality time with their mum, Gina.

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Johann and Barbara are Bernhard’s parents and the founders of Grubacher. Without them, our hotel would not have become what it is today. With a tremendous amount of dedication, they have created a holiday retreat that sets the example for a sustainable lifestyle. Since 1984, our hotel has been certified organic and always puts animal welfare first.

They turned their simple farmhouse into a four-star hotel – a truly impressive feat, we think. Now we’ve taken over the helm and take care of you in the same warm-hearted manner as they did, according to all the best rules of holiday hospitality.

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And last but not least: our team

Of course, one host family is not enough to provide you with a thoroughly indulgent holiday in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Every day, we’re supported in the kitchen, restaurant, housekeeping, and in the wellness area by our Grubacher team who, just like us, attach great importance to your well-being.

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